What Do The Best Supplement Manufacturing Companies Have In Common?

Because we have owned sports nutrition companies and have worked with sports nutrition manufacturers for the last 12 years, we understand what makes up the best supplement manufacturer.

The top 5 things you want to make sure your supplement manufacturer offers:


Low Lead Times
Lead times on any order you place should be no longer than 5-6 weeks. We strive to get all supplement runs complete within 3-4 weeks.


Analytical Testing
to ensure that every ingredient that you want in your product is actually the ingredient you ordered.


Low minimums!
Sometimes you might not need to make a big production run as you could be testing the market with a new formula or you might not have a big distribution outlet therefore small runs is what works for your business. We offer production runs as low as 500 units


Warehousing your supplements & product fulfillment. Sometimes it makes sense for you to rely on your sports nutrition manufacturer to stock and ship your supplements from their warehouse. We offer product fulfillment for our customers at a reasonable price.


Insurance & GMP compliant.
Making sure that your herbal supplement manufacturer is insured and compliant with the latest GMP standards.